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If you are afraid of the dentist or have a phobia then your not alone over 50% of the population in the UK admit not going to the dentist and one of the top cited reasons is fear of some sort or a bad experience in the past.

We would like to reassure you that you can now get the help you need and here at Lifestyle Dental there are a number of options for nervous patients. One option would be to consider IV Sedation. This involves using a drug called midazolam which helps you relax to a point where you are not concerned about treatment and you will be able to have the treatment done without any concerns or worries.

Dr Nadim Majid is also trained in Hypnosis and has helped people whom were very nervous with hypnosis to relax and calm down and have treatment done which they thought would never be possible.

So if you’re a phobic then his may be one option for you just fill In the form or ring 01772 717316 and we will see how best to help you or even just for a chat or advice

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Dr. Nadim Majid qualified from Liverpool Dental school in 2001 and since then has worked in Lancashire for a number of years. He decided to undertake a career in dentistry as I found it was a good mix of science and art and also gave me the ability to help people and make a difference for them.

This really hit home when he worked in a nursing home for a short time and actually saw the impact upon the health and well being of patients whom had lost their teeth the impact was significant on the general health and well being and this is something Dr. Majid wanted to make sure he helped others avoid.

Dr. Majid is trained in hypnosis, sedation for nervous people, dental implants as well as braces. He lives in Lancashire with his two children (twins) and his wife who is a teacher. Dr. Majid has always and will continue to be focused on producing top quality services that his patients have come to expect and appreciate.

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